The three partners in LC Panama all met when we were first starting out in the industry as consecutive telephone interpreters. Through the years, we remained in contact until we had the opportunity to combine our extensive knowledge, skills and experience alongside our entrepreneurial spirit to offer our services as LC Panama, providing the standards of customer service that we had always believed in.

Between us, we have over 75 years of experience in interpreting and translation work alongside a depth of industry knowledge and a network of contacts that allow us to offer an unparalleled service; personal, secure, reliable, flexible, cost-effective and to the highest possible standards.
We are members of the American Translators Association (ATA), the largest global Association of translators, we ensure that we remain up to date on all industry developments and standards, keeping our services cutting edge, while maintaining our commitment to a personalized service.


Connect and expand your business worldwide through translations, interpretations and language learning, breaking down language barriers to maximize your reach and potential, while providing a first class and personalized service for each and every one of our clients in each of the services that we offer.


To be the one-stop solution for all your translation, interpretation and corporate language classes, proving the highest possible standard of personalized and transparent service for the national and international business sectors.





Quality and Speed

Constant Training



All our services are provided by fully qualified and trained staff. We can also offer flexible and unique response times, tailored to your specific requirements, whether for a one-off job or as an ongoing service.


LC Panama works with CAT and DTP Tools using a team of industry-specialized translators fluent in the required languages and able to meet the most demanding requirements of any project. Feel free to contact us for a quote that will fit your needs.

The editing and proofreading of all translations is automatically included in any quote, ensuring both the satisfaction of our customers and their potential readers. However, we can also offer this as a separate stand-alone service. If your original translation project was done by a different provider or automatic on-line application, with less than satisfactory results, we can edit for grammar, spelling and terminology to produce a result much more in keeping with your expectations.

Adaptation (Localization) Differences between languages and cultures are important factors in document translation. Words change meaning depending on the country, region or city and it will also depend on who the potential readers of your documents are. Use the term “Durex” in a document intended for an Australian audience, and they’ll know you mean clear adhesive tape (where a particular brand name has become generic, even though no longer even sold in that market), however, a British reader would become very confused, since to them, Durex is also a brand name that has become generic … but for condoms! Similar situations can easily occur in documents intended for any specialist audience, but with potentially much more serious consequences. Medical, scientific or engineering or particularly, legal documents (or legal references within more general documents) can require much more detailed work to avoid serious repercussions. Through this more detailed editing and proofreading service, we ensure a consistent message for all your readers, whether a specific “local voice” or a more general “global tone” is required. Understanding both the message you want to get across and the target audience is crucial to producing the best quality result, and it is in this area that we can most readily demonstrate the difference between our service and that provided by others more concerned about volume than quality.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) Is the design or editing of text and graphics using specialist text and graphics design software. Generally, it is the combination of both and used for documents intended for publication, either in printed form (newsletters, brochures, manuals, fliers, books, etc.) or in digital format.

The LC Panama DTP team are able to translate the text content and the images in software applications such as InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Power Point to maintain an appearance and format consistent with the original document. We will also automatically ensure that as far as possible any document intended for on-line publication meets basic search engine optimization standards, hitting appropriate keywords etc. both in the body of any text and in picture and video captions.

Machine translation (MT) is growing in popularity within our market.  The main advantage it has is in being able to deliver large volumes of content in comparatively short periods of time and with minimal costs. Machine translation can be fully edited, or it can be left without editing depending on the final purpose. Our specialist translation technology allows us to provide you a machine translation text with high levels of accuracy thanks to our wide database of terminology and translation memories. This option is excellent for reaching global customers more rapidly when you have large volumes of text that need to be translated as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.



LC Panama is committed in providing an excellent, high quality service in each and every one of your interpretation events, enabling all participants to get the maximum possible benefit from any conference, seminar or meeting. Whether done over the phone or in person (?) our professional translators will provide a discrete and efficient service, blending seamlessly into any multi-lingual event. We can provide for any eventuality, including specialist services for the deaf or hard of hearing, visually impaired or others who may have slightly different needs in order for them to participate fully in, and get the maximum benefit from, any event.

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter interprets the message into the target language, without pauses, at the same time that the speaker gives his presentation in the original language.

The interpreter is ideally located in a soundproof booth where he/she can see the speaker, receiving audio input through headphones to minimize any outside distractions. LC Panama has all the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpretation at local events: cabins, console units, transmitters, receivers, speakers, microphones etc. Where we are unable to attend in person, we can provide a remote equivalent.

This new form of interpretation mixes the conventional way of providing simultaneous interpretation but, either the interpreter or the speaker is in a different location. Our recommended application for this form of interpretation is webinars, one-on-one meetings and training sessiones with several participants from different offices.

Please ask us about this service so we can explain how this new modality can help you save costs on your meetings.

ZipDX Multilingual: How it Works from ZipDX LLC on Vimeo.

In consecutive translation, the interpreter starts rendering the interpretation after the speaker (in the original source language) has paused or finished their speech. From notes taken, the interpreter transmits the complete message (in the target language), while the speaker waits for the interpreter to finish rendering the information in order to continue with his/her presentation.

It does not require a soundproof cabin, but if the venue is particularly large (an auditorium or similar) where there might be problems with audibility, transmitters, receivers, microphones and speakers can be provided. Once again, equivalent on-line/over the phone services, to an equally high standard, can be provided when we are unable to be there in person, subject to local availability of any necessary specialist equipment.

The interpreter provides discrete assistance to an individual, usually in meetings, where only one participant – maximum two – requires interpretation services. The interpreter sits next to the person requiring the service and transmits the translated message in a low tone of voice simultaneously or consecutively, passing on the translated speech without any disruption to the meeting itself. It does ntt require any specialist equipment.


LC Panama offers language classes in the comfort of your office or home. Our teachers are all duly accredited with years of experience in teaching as a second language. For group classes we work with a maximum of 10 students in order to ensure the learning is done in a personalized way. We design group classes specifically focused on the particular area of your business, to maximize the professional benefits to your students.

Individual classes (one-on-one) allows the student to progress more quickly and improve his/her skills along with additional written practice, giving the opportunity to review the lessons and advance at the student’s own pace, and covering those areas of most interest to you and your student.

We refer to and adhere to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for our classes. Once again, this service can be provided on site or remotely, using Skype or similar video-conferencing tools to maintain a personal touch.



  • Video Subtitling
  • Radio Announcements
  • Radio Advertising

We have the software to transcribe and subtitle your projects. We can also offer you a proposal package that includes transcription, translation and subtitling. Depending on the audience, we can also provide editing for content – no one wants to see inappropriate language dubbed or sub-titled into a kids show! While that may be an extreme example, we have all seen or heard terrible dubbed or sub-titled speech, where the original speech was miss-heard or miss-translated (where it has multiple potential meanings).

If you have not yet worked with large translation projects, big conferences or other multi-lingual projects, we appreciate that it can seem a daunting prospect.

Breaking into a new market or simply getting your message across is headache enough, without worrying about language barriers. We can offer you consultancy services based on our experience and values so that you can understand the issues that you will face, the specific problems you will encounter and the various options available to help minimize any difficulties.

Whether it be a one-off technical conference or launching your business into a new territory, our advice and assistance will ensure that you can understand the issues you will face, choose the best options to resolve them and ensure that the results fully match or exceed your expectations.


We share a great passion for effective communication

Certified Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreter and Translator with over 14 years of experience. Radio Announcer, certified in 2009

Jesús Armenteros
Translator and Consecutive Interpreter
Spanish (ELE) and English (ESL) Coach Certified Translator and Consecutive Interpreter with 12 years of experience.

Lourdes Andrade
Language Coach
Certified Translator and Interpreter with 12 years of experience

Inés Barés


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Interpretación simultánea, ¿Cómo funciona?

Para los clientes es importante entender los diferentes formatos para brindar servicios de interpretación. También se le llama traducción simultánea ya que es una forma de traducción de acuerdo a como lo ven muchas personas.

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